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Martial Arts Seminar


OPEN to ALL Martial Artists - all styles


This YEAR's seminar will occur 28 July 2012 [one day only this year - note the change]


NOTE: the Temperatures have NOT been friendly ... However the weather Forecast predicts some help with decreased Temperatures (low 80's) with a mild decrease in humidity for Saturday ... however we will have a SLOW pace and plenty of cold water ... and a sun shield ...

but PLEASE use common sense dress appropriately and drink plenty of water



For the third consecutive year the Quan Li K’an Martial arts group is putting on a FREE multi-style Martial arts Seminar.

Unlike most seminars where you have to pay to attend the good ones and they mostly only focus on one style this seminar hosts Martial Artists from many different styles – this year having with four well known names in martial arts  - all demonstrating and teaching their skills to anyone and any style that wants to attend - in a rare FREE opportunity.

The seminar is definitely popular with Martial artists of many styles because of the level of instruction and in recent years has attracted both students and instructors from many styles in the surrounding states and even from as far away as England and Germany.

Unlike other seminars this seminar does not promote competition or any single style but instead promotes education, openness and cooperation between styles by offering teaching from many different viewpoints in a non-competitive format.

The costs of this FREE seminar are being covered by the QLK group which focuses on education (both martial arts and General education) and Community service. The QLK groups and their Sponsor CME productions are covering these costs so that cost will not have to be a factor in who will be able to attend.



WHEN: Saturday 28 July 2012 09:00 - 5PM .... (pot luck at 6PM which everyone is welcome to attend - please bring a dish to share in you want to join in that part)

............[Please be early - we WILL start on time and stay to the schedule] ... I would suggest being there by 0830


Where: 416 12th Street North Sartell MN - literally in the back yard - park on the street please - see map below .. do not park in front of the Fire Hydrant ... the Police do check!


Why: To learn and share knowledge, to meet other Martial Artists in a NON-COMPETIVE Event - literally to learn and have a good time.



HINTS: Wear shoes and clothes appropriate for the weather - more info below

(please leave your ego at the door - this is about fun and learning not who is best!)


BACKGROUND: Quan Li K’an, is an international Martial Art headquartered in Sartell MN, which has a history of providing free Martial Arts training through community education since it was founded in 1984.

Originally started in 1984 by five black belts, in Knoxville Iowa, QLK was founded on the idea that money should not be the limiting factor in a students’ ability to learn.

In 1987, two of the founders moved to St. Cloud area and began teaching in the St. Cloud Community Education system.  QLK classes have been provided year round ever since.  Over the years many other Black Belts have been added to the list of instructors who teach without charging.

Over the years The QLK System has grown to include international influence in several European countries (and has been influenced - it is a two way street!).

QLK instructors in the St. Cloud area do not charge for their teaching.  They view it as part of community service and their own growth. Any costs for the courses taught through Community Education are for use of the buildings only. – See District 742 Community Education for details of their offerings. Other QLK schools have other arrangements - due to costs, instructors time, etc

Drawing on the idea that sharing and learning information from many other styles builds the best camaraderie and consistent with the idea that money should not be the determining factor, QLK has put on several free seminars over the years

This year QLK is trying to do it again. They will put on a FREE martial arts seminar open to all martial artists as a way to promote fellowship, leaning and a noncompetitive format where no one is trying to put their style above other styles. 


Here is some useful information about the upcoming Seminar

DATE: 28 July 2012

LOCATION: ....416 12th Street North Sartell MN 56377

[literally in the back yard]

Parking is on the street .. watch where you park - the Police will be watching also


Please COME on time - or a bit early - as we WILL start on time



** lets be real here ... we can't afford to give away a "real/ fighting-able" sword ... this is a Commercial display type sword ...

still it would be neat to win it ... and there are 2nd and 3rd prizes of course.


PENDING schedule:

This schedule is Definitely changeable!

SATURDAY 28 July 2012

09:00 - 10:00

Futari Geiko drills (from Patrick McCarthy)

Chuck Phillips

the above lecture will NOT be taped
10:00 - 10:15
10:15 - 11:00
Poison Hands
11:00 - 11:15
11:15 - 12:15
Eskrima - part 1
12:15 - 12:30
First Competition game
12:30- 13:00
Eskrima - part 2
14:15 - 14:30
14:30 -15:30
Kata Interpretation: Bassai Dai
15:30 -15:45
15:45 - 16:45
Kata Interpretation: Bassai Dai
17:00- 17:30
2nd Competition game
17:30 to 18:30
QLK Senior Board
Competition Prize Awards
18:30 - ???
Pot Luck




Links to some of the Instructors: - - click on instructors name


Here is a short Bio of the great instructors we have at this seminar -- I know I am NOT doing them justice as this is very short - please use the links to get more details


David Gimberline

Sensei David began training in 1980 with Master Robert Fusaro at the University of Minnesota. Over the years he has trained with many of the JKA Masters, receiving all of his Dan ranks from Master Nishiyama. He competed on a local and national level from 1982 - 2004. David has done extensive research into the history and development of karate and has considerable experience teaching self defense to non-martial artists. He has designed and taught courses on Self Defense for Women, Self Defense for Men, Police Control Tactics (P.O.S.T. approved by the State of Minnesota). He designed and teaches the Kata for Self Defense system (Shotoryu Goshinjutsu) which incorporates striking, kicking, trapping, smashing, grappling and throwing techniques while utilizing the traditional kata to teach practical self defense. He teaches Kata for Self Defense seminars open to all styles.

You might also like this link:



Chris McWethy

Former videographer and member of ITVA/NAB, and audio engineer. Currently managing two diverse career paths; one in the technology field as an SME/Test Specialist for Best Buy Co Inc, and the other as an certified Instructor in the art of Eskrima.


link: www.facebook.com/chris.mcwethy.3

Chuck Phillips

Renshi Phillips is a sixth generation instructor, ranked Godan (5th degree Black Belt) with lineage directly from Anko Itosu, the Grandfather of Modern Karate. Renshi Phillips studies under Hanshi Jim Mather, one of the few authentic U.S. Grandmasters of Karate. Board Certified Instructor, IPMAA, Graduate, Elite Instructor’s Collage, General Secretary, WAMA/USNKA, Treasurer, WAMA/USNKA. National Champion Coach, USNKA National Team USNKA Chief Referee

link: http://www.kkakarate.com/Bio.html


Bruce Miller PA-C, MScP Masters Clinical Psychopharmacology, MS Applied Bio-Kinetics

Tai Laoshi of Quan Li K'an Black belts: in QLK, 8th Dan Doitsu Kobuoto Kyokai, Black sash Cheng Wei Quan , TKD (2nd), 1st Dan in Kenshin Kan, and Uechi Ryu.




Pot Luck

Please Bring a dish to share for the Pot Luck ... we will have storage containers to keep things cold and a microwave to heat things up ...


There will be plenty of Free cold water available!



Please let me know if you have suggestions for classes ... or are willing to teach or help with any aspect of the seminar ..


I think this is going to be a great fun Seminar .... lets all work to make it so and keep it safe




For the July 28 Seminar ... here is a collection of random thoughts and information that I hope will help you to be ready and enjoy the seminar

These are just some thoughts .... so things may change

Suggestions are welcome!


[ so Please leave your ego at the door]

Please COME a bit early - as we WILL start on time due to the quantity of seminars and information...

And here is a map to the Seminar location ...


416 12th Street NORTH SARTELL MN 56377 - there will be signs. Seminar Starts SHARP at 0900 - please be early






you can print this map out out if you need to ...


here is a Goggle link to a map for the general area - helpful if you are coming from out of town


NOTE: if coming from the Twin Cities Area: I would take highway 10* once you are close to St. Cloud and get off at the Sartell exit ... then follow 35th street - which turns into 1st St north NE (co road 29) as it crosses highway 15 (at the stop light) --- GO WEST until you get to Riverside which is the road just under the bridge you will go over ... so take the loop down (turn left at the stop sign) and turn left again at the stop light ( you now be going north) ... 12th Street North is about a mile north ... turn LEFT (now going east) on 12th street north and go to 416 ... about 2 long blocks -- you will see the signs - it is on the south side ... make sure you park in an approved place (i.e. not in front of a driveway or fire hydrant and the police check)

* OR you can take interstate 94 and get off at the highway 15 exit and then go through town until you get to riverside drive (see map above)

MAKE SURE you are going to 12th Street north SARTELL ... NOT the one in St. Cloud they are called the same name but do NOT connect!